Studio Živa - Pilates & Slings Myofascial Training®


I am here to help you achieve a state of mental and physical well-being.
You will be able to live a pain-free life, love your body
and breathe at the top of your lungs.

Slings Myofascial Training®
Slings Myofascial Training focuses on identifying and strengthening existing physical resources, thereby building inner strength. In sickness and in health.
Distance training via Zoom
Slings Myofascial Training®
Slings Myofascial Training is an integrative approach to improving the quality of life which taps into somatic resources; focusing on your abilities and integrating bodily systems, emotions and thoughts to function as a dynamic and balanced whole, thus creating a mindful body and an embodied mind.
Distance training via Zoom


When you call, I'll be there.
I'll be with you in the studio, I'll create a programme especially for you, I'll answer all of your questions, monitor your progress and support you.

Živa Olup
movement therapist


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There are several reasons why I would recommend Studio Živa to everyone. Firstly, workouts are meticulously prepared, professional and tailored to individual needs and preferences. Secondly, Živa is an expert in her field and is constantly learning. Each workout is prepared with great care. Last but not least, when training, I feel relaxed, motivated and surrounded by positive energy. I highly recommend Studio Živa to everyone, and, as a mother, especially to women after childbirth.
Mojca (38)
Živa is an excellent instructor, she is constantly educating herself and adapting the exercises according to the latest scientific research and to individual needs. The studio is always nicely set up and equipped with everything you need for a workout.
Klemen (35)
A workout that I would recommend to people entering their autumn years. Your whole body becomes more vital and the workout definitely reduces the ailments and pains that are most often the result of an unhealthy and inactive life.
Aleksander (51)
I have been coming to Živa for many years. My body is flexible, my joints serve me well. At the end of each session, I always get a few minutes of the Tibetan bowl therapy to recharge my batteries until my next visit.
Nada (62)
Exercising with Živa is one great break from "everyday life". Živa is constantly delighting us with nice new things, upgrading our classes with different approaches and making sure that no two classes are the same. Even though I have been going to the studio for many years, every lesson is a pleasant surprise, it brightens my week and I always leave the studio pleasantly tired and looking forward to the next session.
Tjaša (32)
Gymnastics with Živa is the best workout I have ever experienced! It combines elements of Pilates, yoga, fascial training and physiotherapy. Each workout is different and tailored to individual abilities and preferences. Živa is a wonderful teacher, always smiling, full of positive energy and knowledge. The icing on the cake: she finishes each session with sound therapy. I highly recommend it!
Lana (20)
I cannot live without Živa's workouts. Exercise is a positive challenge for me to see what my body can do. Regular exercise has eliminated all the pain caused by the long hours in front of the computer.s
Mojca (39)
I am impressed by the knowledge, commitment and individual approach of the trainer and her tireless corrections of the execution of each exercise between each inhale and exhale.
Tomaž (53)
It was the first class after the summer holidays. I came to the training all stiff and full of "knots". The next day, it was as if I were reborn! And I feel so good now, week after week! The best thing is that I feel my body is more flexible, strong, firm and healthy.
Marja (45)
"Go to Pilates? Not me!" was my answer to my wife. Well, now my friends and I have been training with Živa for the third consecutive year and I hope to train with her for many years to come.
Bojan (49)
The exercise is tailored to the wishes of the group and at the same time to each individual, as Živa always inquires about our health problems, past injuries and other limitations before designing a programme. Sometimes she makes us quite tired, but I always leave her studio satisfied because regular exercise helps me to keep fit and prevents the the pain in my back I suffer from when sitting at the computer.
Nina (47)