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Discover Slings Myofascial Training.
Everyone is welcome who suffers from occasional pain, is often in a forced posture, or has a feeling of tightness in the body.

Slings Myofascial Training®
Vital and easful, strong and resilient, elastic and permeable, flexible and gliding, from the inside out.
proprioception - injury prevention
Slings Myofascial Training®
Become aware of feelings, release stress and live in harmony with yourself and your body.
interoception - greater harmony of body-mind-spirit

Why Slings Myofascial Training?

• When the fascia is more permeable, flexible, gliding, then there is less chance of injury and disease.
• Gliding between different myofascial structures contributes to greater mobility.
• The elasticity of the fascia prevents soft tissue damage.• The elasticity of the fascia prevents soft tissue damage.
• Multidimensional training enables greater functional strength.
• Hydrated fascia is more elastic and fluid.
• Effective force transmission relieves individual parts of the body and thus eliminates pain.
• Unusual movements in the body awaken forgotten areas.
• For a more balanced posture and a feeling of ease in the body.

Who is this for?

For anyone who feels cramped, has occasional pain, is prone to injury, doesn't move enough, or spends most of the time in a forced posture. If in doubt, consult your physiotherapist or write or call me.

During the workout, we focus on breathing, conscious movement, observing sensations and how we feel about it. We use visualization to help us. In this way, we calm our thoughts and strengthen our focus, and at the same time we forget about our problems and release stress. After exercise, we have a feeling of calmness in the mind and lightness in the body.
When we are in tune with our body, we are our own best doctor.


I teach myofascial training and integral anatomy, because I wish to share my knowledge, experiences and excellent well-being with you.

Živa Olup
Movement therapist

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