Pilates na napravah | Studio Živa

Pilates on machines

You might wonder whether Pilates is the right type of exercise for you.

Let me tell you what Pilates can do for you. It will help you:

• achieve a proper and balanced posture and a beautifully shaped body,
• strengthen your muscles from the inside out,
• eliminate pain and muscle tightness caused by poor or forced posture,
• recover from injuries faster,
• improve flexibility, muscle tone, coordination, balance,
• relieve stress,
• gain a better self-image, desire to move and a positive outlook on the world.

Yes. All that and much more.
You tell me what you want and I will make it happen.
When we meet for your free lesson, we shall identify your wishes and decide how to fulfill them, make a plan and work on it.

Pilates will help you cope with everyday tasks and challenges so that you feel more at 'home' in your body. In due time, your mind and body will work in harmony. You will be able to really feel your breath and through proper breathing get in touch with your body from the inside out.

Pilates offers a great foundation for all other sporting activities.

Pilates on machines (specialized multi-functional equipment) makes your progress even faster and offers outstanding results. To add variety to your workout, we will use various additional props as well.