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Why Slings Myofascial Training®?

• If the fascia is permeable, flexible and gliding, there is a reduced chance of injury and disease.
• Improved fascial gliding helps to increase flexibility.
• The elasticity of the fascia prevents soft tissue damage.
• Multidimensional training ensures increased functional strength.
• Hydrated fascia is more flexible.
• Smooth transmission of forces relieves the strain on individual body parts, thus eliminating pain.
• Unexpected, contrasting movements awaken forgotten areas in the body.
• For a proper, balanced posture and a relaxed body.

Fascia is the connective tissue that interconnects all parts of the body from head to toe. Instead of focusing on individual muscle groups, myofascial training focuses on fascial continuity (sling), which in regular intervals connects multiple muscles. Fascia and muscle are inextricably linked.

Training that focuses on fascia is a holistic art of motion based on structural integration, functionality, building wellness from the inside out and mindful movement of the body and the mind.

Slings Myofascial Training is a workout or the art of motion designed by Karin Gurtner, art of motion (Switzerland), that draws from the concept of Anatomy Trains (USA), a method developed by Thomas W. Myers.

Slings Myofascial Training distance training via Zoom is suitable for all those who do not have any major health issues and want to become more vital. Age and level of fitness play no role. Myofascial training will make your body more flexible and supple. You will develop functional strength and increase dynamic stability and be more efficient in other sports and daily life. Regular exercise will improve the transmission of muscle forces and so relieve pressures on certain joints and other parts of the body. If you want to try a workout based on latest scientific discoveries, then join me.


Beginners group: Tuesdays at 17:15
Advanced group: Tuesdays at 18:30


Single session: 17 €
7 sessions: 105 € (15 € per session)
15 sessions: 195 € (13 € per session)
Trial session: 15 €


The training is free for family members from the same household.
After the workout, you get a link to the recording of the workout that stays active for five days.

Distance training is also available for individual clients and clients who train in pairs and do not live at the same address.

Eventually, the workout will get more complex and varied. We will focus on various myofascial meridians (slings) and fascial properties (elasticity, permeability, adaptability, glide, plasticity, and multidimensionality).

Distance training is performed live via Zoom. You will need a yoga mat and a pair of soft massage balls.


To register for the session, please send your contact details (name, surname, address, phone number)
to info@studio-ziva.com.